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Village of Montcaret

Our village has the best baker for miles! But also what was once one of the most important Roman villas in the South West. The archaeological remains of Montcaret’s Gallo-Roman villa, next to the church, have private thermal baths and outstanding mosaic pavements, and are a must see. Pick up your chocolatines (local word for chocolate croissants), bread & cakes from our baker, who's just around the corner from the villa. The superbe Dame Blanche (white lady) farm shop is in the vicinity too ... stock up here on the freshest fruit & veg!

Our village has all you need to stock up : a local supermarket, pharmacy, newsagent, the excellent baker & farm shop and, a few times a week, a fishmonger & rotisserie for your Sunday succulent roast chicken. The supermarket, petrol (gas) station, pharmacy & medical centre can be found just around the corner. There is also a good village restaurant and a pizza truck.

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