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Castillon la Bataille and the Hundred Years War

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Castillon la Bataille is another local town, just 15 mins away. Its Restaurant, Guinguette la Plage, has fun dining by the river on the Right Bank opposite the town. There is dancing on Thursday evenings & Sunday afternoons (must book in advance). Simple hearty fare but a good time – Tel 0557403548. It has a 100 years of history.

From mid July to mid August in the evening, Castillon La Bataille has a famous reconstruction of the last Battle of the Hundred Years’ war between England & France in 1453. Performed in a large natural arena, very close to the original battleground, hundreds of volunteers, including actors & horseback riders re-enact this historic fight – a show not to be missed! Reserve your places & a simple dinner on site (recommended) at

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